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Art Geography of the Ivanovo region and the city of Ivanovo

October 29, 2020 - November 28, 2020 / info

Center for Culture and Creativity of the city of Ivanovo



Address: 153002, Ivanovo, Karl Marx, 62/107.

Dates of the program "Art-Geography of the Ivanovo region and the city of Ivanovo":

Electronic submission of materials: until September 15, 2020 inclusive (read more)
Work of the Expert Council: until September 28, 2020
Announcement of exhibitors: September 30, 2020
Acceptance of works admitted to the exhibition:
а) in Ivanovo: October 27, 2020(Ivanovo, Karl Marx, 62/107.):
b) in Moscow - October 18, 2020 (reception at the address: 8/2 Krymsky Val St., Moscow);
Exhibition opening: October 29, 2020, 16:00;
Dates of the exhibition: October 29, 2020 - November 28, 2020.

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About the center

Official site: http://www.ivcult.ru 

In the archival fund of the department of arts of the regional executive committee there is information that on the basis of instructions from the All-Union House of Folk Art named after N.K. From February 15, 1937, Krupskaya, the regional department of art, singled out the amateur sector as an independent unit - the House of Folk Art, designed to solve the problems of identifying, organizing and methodological assistance to rural amateur groups; to show examples of amateur performances by holding evenings, folk art concerts, and art exhibitions; on conducting creative thematic seminars, conferences, meetings on all issues of amateur performances; on the organization at the House of Folk Art of studios and study groups, theatrical, orchestral, choral, and fine choreographic.

It should be noted that by the time the House of Folk Arts was created, amateur groups with their repertoire and established traditions had already been created in the region.


Today, February 15, 1937, in the third proletarian capital of the country - the city of Ivanovo - the House of Folk Art was opened. The Council for the management of amateur performances at the regional department of arts approved the indicative program of the evening of folk art. The evening will be held on March 21. The program includes performances of the choir of metalworkers, the folk choir of the housewives of the club of the excavator plant, the staff of the horns. Ivanovo schoolchildren will also perform at the evening.

«Working region», 1937 


Currently, the subject of activity of the Autonomous State Institution of the Ivanovo Region "Regional Coordination and Methodological Center of Culture and Creativity" is the provision of public services in the Ivanovo Region for the organization of cultural events and cultural activities.

The functions of the founder of the Center are carried out by Department of Culture and Tourism of the Ivanovo Region.

The Center is headed by Olga Mitrofanova Ivanovna.

The center carries out coordination of activities and methodological support of cultural institutions of leisure type of the region.


In order to implement the main tasks, the Center’s activities are aimed at developing and preserving amateur folk art, at organizing leisure activities for the population taking into account various categories and ages, at developing cinema and video services for the population.


The methodological center collects and fixes samples of folk art, analytically summarizes creative, leisure and sociocultural processes, develops training programs, conducts seminars, master classes, internships, consultations, and further training of workers in the social and cultural sphere.


The center has a cozy auditorium with 420 seats, with modern lighting and sound equipment, as well as a cinema installation with a widescreen screen.


For lovers of applied folk art, there is an exhibition hall where exhibitions of works by amateur masters and artists are organized.


On the basis of the Center, club formations of various directions have been created and are functioning, where people of all ages from 4 to 75 years can find classes for themselves.
14 basic teams of the Center have the title of “People” and “Exemplary”. There are 15 amateur associations and interest clubs. More than 20 diverse and multi-genre groups were created for creative self-expression of a person (musical, choreographic, sports, recreational, etc.)


The center organizes and conducts all-Russian, inter-regional and international and regional festivals, shows, competitions and other social and cultural events in the Ivanovo region.


Among them are the famous and beloved - the All-Russian festival “Play the accordion!” (Since 1990), the All-Russian festival of decorative and applied art “Patchwork mosaic of Russia”, (since 1997), the All-Russian festival “Autumn voice romanza”. International film festival "Mirror" (since 2007), regional film festivals - "Children and a fairy tale. In memory of A. Row, "" I will tell you about time and about myself "and many others.


The center carries out publishing activities, publishes informational, repertoire and methodological literature, advertisements, materials on leisure activities and amateur folk art.
Everyone can use the Center’s methodological base: repertoire, scripts for various events, videos, teaching aids, etc.

The regional coordination and methodological center of culture and creativity is always glad to meet you!

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